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Terms of Delivery

Our Terms of Delivery in Synopsis:

Our offers are directed exclusively towards commercial buyers.
Private customers are not supplied!

Delivery Terms:

• Unless otherwise stated, deliveries are made at a flat-rate shipping
   charge of €10.00 plus VAT.
• C.O.D. deliveries are made at a flat-rate shipping charge of
   € 12.00 plus VAT.
• We deliver all articles marked "FREE BUYER'S ADDRESS" free of
   shipping charges.
• We deliver bulky goods freight collect through a freight transport
   company or by the cheapest transport mode.
• Customers are at liberty to pick up the goods by themselves please
   notify us in advance per telephone!)
• Within the EU (not Germany): deliveries freight collect / duty unpaid
• Outside the EU: freight collect / duty unpaid

The terms of delivery confirmed by us in writing shall apply!

Payment Terms:

We reserve the right to check your credit standing.

• New customers: per invoice after positive credit standing check,
   advance payment / cash on delivery for first orders
• Regular customers: per invoice
• Authorities: per invoice
• Within the EU (not Germany): advance payment when placing the order
• Outside the EU: advance payment when placing the order

Our invoices are due for payment without deductions within 10 days of the invoice date. The terms of payment confirmed by us in writing shall apply!

Our banking details:

Branch code:       500 100 60
Account number: 280 058 609

Branch code:       501 900 00
Account number: 110 892


Foreign payments:

IBAN: DE20 5001 0060 0280 0586 09

IBAN: DE33 5019 0000 0000 1108 92

You will find more detailed information on our terms of delivery and payment in our General Terms and Conditions [GTC].

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