Advanced Course Class 7
According to Chapter 8.2 ADR

The course aims to provide the expertise so that the ADR certificate is extended to Class 7. Through regular attendance and the passing of a written examination conducted by the relevant Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the participants receive the extension of the ADR certificate according to Chapter 8.2 ADR for radioactive materials.

Target Group:

Drivers of vehicles that transport radioactive materials and drivers of vehicles transporting non-nuclear radioactive materials, as long as the total number of pieces in the vehicle is more than 10, or the sum of the transport identification number is above 3, irrespective of the total load of the vehicle.

Subjects Covered:

Legal measures on nuclear materials, structure of Class 7, characteristics of the materials of Class 7, documents for the transportation of materials belonging to Class 7, particular features of the transportation papers for Class 7, types of packaging, defence equipment for Class 7, carrying out the transportation for Class 7, duties and responsibilities for materials in Class 7, measures to be taken after accidents and incidents for Class 1.

Validity and Duration:

The ADR certificate is valid for 5 years. In the fifth year, an additional course must be attended. An exam also needs to be passed at the end of the training. The course can be undertaken up to 12 months before the expiry of the ADR certificate without shortening its validity.
Duration: 8 UE and 1 UE Examination

Course Fees:

Advanced Course Class 7
Examination Fee IHK

€ - incl. of VAT 
€   - VAT exempt