Digital Control
Device Training

Driver Training:

EC Regulation 561/2006 on the reorganization of driving and rest periods throughout Europe was published in the EC Journal on 11 April 2006. In this regard, the deadline for the obligatory installation of the new digital control device, the introduction of which was decreed by Council Regulation (EC) 2135/98, was set finally at 1 May 2006.

For the drivers too, working with these new tachographs means getting to grips with something completely new, because they have to learn how to handle the driver's card and digital control unit. The subsequent manual entry of activities, understanding the printouts, working with UTC time and navigating in the digital tachograph menu all require thorough training.

To ensure that the next traffic control does not become an expensive disaster, we offer you the opportunity to give the drivers in your company thorough training in the handling of this new technology.