Load securing training
in accordance with VDI 2700

The securing of the cargo is being checked more and more often during general vehicle inspections. This has led to discoveries of a frightening number of mistakes. In only a very few number has cases has the cargo been adequately secured. With increasing frequency, the drivers are being banned from continuing their trip. And as a result, all those involved will have to pay the resulting costs and considerable fines.

Under the law § 22 StVO, cargo must be stored securely on the vehicle used for transportation. This means the secure fastening of the goods on the loading surface, apart from the proper packaging. The dispatcher, the shipping agent and the drivers of the vehicle are responsible for this.

The securing of the cargo on road vehicles must follow the rules of the section VDI 2700 ff. This describes the current, "state-of-the-art technology". One of the prerequisites listed in these rules is the special training of the employees concerned (VDI 2700 a).

Such courses should be closely related to the particular needs of the company. This is why we are happy to create a customized training concept for your business. Just give us a call at our free of charge
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Target Group:

All those who are entrusted with the loading of goods on vehicles for the road, warehouse managers, shipping agency staff, dispatch managers, vehicle drivers, schedulers etc.

depends on the individual company's needs
on request!


The employee will receive proof of attendance which can also be used as evidence of tuition for selected subjects if the course has been modified to suit certain needs, such as training people according to section § 6 of the GbV.