Training to Secure the Load According to the CTU
(CARGO TRANSPORT UNIT) Packing Guidelines

The new CTU packing guidelines and the VDI guidelines 2700a.

On the basis of the guidelines for the Packing of Transportation Units – which came into existence in February 1999 – as well as the VDI Guidelines, we are offering an introduction to the new CTU packing guidelines in our seminar. By the end of the seminar, you will be able to realise what sort of consequences poor stowage or inadequate securing of the load can have and understand how to avoid them.

The CTU packing guidelines are valid for transportation with all types of vehicles both by water and land. The Federal Government has, as a member governmental body, brought the guidelines to the attention of all those concerned by publishing them in the governmental transport sector gazette. Thus for the first time, all those involved in transportation have uniform guidelines (excepting aviation), which have the same status as a set of technical rules. The CTU packing guidelines give tips on: how to do a visual check before packing; the packing and securing of the load, supplemented by tips on the packing and securing of dangerous goods; basics on secure covering and the safeguarding of CTUs. They also define the requirements for training in the packing of loads on CTUs.

The guidelines define training as:
"All eligible people must do a course on the secure transportation and packing of a load, relevant to the tasks involved in their particular job description. This training must be organised so that the trainees will be able to realise the potential consequences of poorly packed and inadequately secured loads on CTUs. In addition, they must also know about the following:

•  the relevant statutory provisions
•  the strength of the powers that might have an effect on transportation 
    by road, rail and sea
•  the basics of packing and securing of loads on CTUs."

Target Group:

All those involved in the packing and securing of cargo on CTUs, warehouse managers, shipping agency staff, dispatch managers, drivers of vehicles, schedulers etc.

Duration:                                   2 days

Type of Course Achievement:  intensive workshop without a completion certificate