Professional Motor Vehicle Operator

Additional information

The acquisition of the basic qualification is of interest above all to young drivers who do not want to undergo professional driver training, because the minimum age for acquiring a Class C and CE driving licence is only 18.

The basic qualification consists of:

1.) 240-minute theoretical examination
2.) 120-minute practical driving examination 
      (in addition to the driving licence test)
3.)   30-minute test of special skills
      (ergonomics, emergencies etc.)
4.)   60-minute test of how to overcome critical situations 
      (driver training area)

The basic qualification places no special demands on previous education, but it must be emphasized that the exam sat before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce can only be passed after intensive preparation, because very high demands are placed on the exam itself. We will be offering special training courses on this from 2008.

It is recommended to choose accelerated basic qualification. The advantages here are that a driving licence is not required in advance and that, in addition to 140 hours of instruction (theoretical, practical, driver training area) only one short theoretical examination of 90 minutes is prescribed. The goods vehicle drivers must be at least 21 years old, however.

The following interim regulations apply for the acquisition of the basic qualification: If a Class C1, C1E, C or CE heavy goods vehicle licence has been acquired before 10 September 2009, no evidence of basic qualification as a motor vehicle operator must be provided.

In addition to this, the law stipulates that in future all heavy goods vehicle drivers will have to undergo a 35-hour further training course every five years. The interim rule applies here too:
If a Class C1, C1E, C or CE heavy goods vehicle licence has been acquired before 10 September 2009, the first further training course must be attended by 10 Sep. 2016 at the latest, then every 5 years. We will be offering further training courses from 2010 at which the required minimum number of hours can be divided up over 5 days of training within the five-year period.