Training according to the
Road Haulage Operator

An entrepreneur will need a permit if he wishes to operate a company for commercial road haulage with long haul trucks with a permitted total weight of over 3.5 tonnes (including the trailers). One of the prerequisites for this permit is proof of the expertise and aptitude to run a road haulage company.
The course participants will be taught areas of expertise that are also covered in the skills examination. Participation in an aptitude test requires in-depth, industry-specific preparation before the test.

Target Group:

All those who want to establish a road haulage company or who wish to operate it independently.


Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Road Haulage Law
Business and financial administration of the company
Technical norms and technical operations
Road traffic security
Cross-border road haulage

The modules in detail:

Module 1      Road Haulage Law

•  Basics of Industrial Law
•  Road Traffic Law
•  Transportation of dangerous goods
•  Employment and Welfare Law
•  Common Law
•  Commercial Law
•  Taxation Law

Module 2      Business and financial administration of the company

•  Payment transactions and financing
•  Cost accounts
•  Price and conditions of transportation
•  Transportation documents
•  Bookkeeping
•  Types of insurance
•  Shipping
•  Management of road haulage companies
•  Marketing

Module 3      Technical Norms and Technical Operations

•  Registration and operation of the vehicles
•  Servicing and inspection of the vehicles
•  Vehicle weight and measurements
•  Loading and unloading of the vehicles
•  Transportation of dangerous goods
•  Transportation of foodstuff
•  Basic rules of environmental protection when using and 
    servicing vehicles

Module 4      Road traffic security

•  Accident prevention and measures to be taken after an accident
•  Roadworthiness

Module 5      Cross-border road haulage

•  Main features of the regulations governing road haulage between 
    the member states of the European Community as well as between 
    the EC and third party countries
•  Basics of customs practice and formalities
•  Types and meaning of the transportation documents
•  Main features of the traffic regulations in the neighbouring 
    countries, especially those in member countries of the European 
•  Regulations and measures against the prohibited transportation 
    of intoxicants

Duration of the Course 8 days


Proof of attendance can be provided upon request. The exclusive purpose of the course is the preparation for the skills examination. The registration for this exam must be undertaken by the participants themselves at the local IHK responsible for them.
The local, responsible IHK is the one in the same suburb in which the examinee resides. After the exam has been passed, the participant will receive proof of his or her aptitude for the job from the IHK.

Course Fees:   € 930.00 incl. of VAT