Updated Seminars Transportation
of Dangerous Goods in Class 6.2

The special requirements for the sending of dangerous goods in Class 6.2 will be explained. Furthermore, the organisational and economic possibilities of packaging and of sending dangerous goods in Class 6.2 will be discussed.

Target Group:

All those involved with the packaging, sending, receipt and transportation of contagious dangerous materials (Dangerous Goods in Class 6.2). These are, for example, employees at shipping agents, logistics companies, dangerous goods officers, appointed persons, BBS, senders, packers, authorities and training organisations.


•  Seminar Contents:
•  Introduction
•  Problems of the dispatcher
•  Bio-material regulations
•  Overview of transporters by road / air
•  Transport of contagious, dangerous material
•  Dangerous goods officer / appointed person
•  Air transportation regulations ICAO-TI / IATA-DGR
•  Packaging and dispatch


The certificate of attendance is valid as proof under the section § 6 of the dangerous goods officer regulations (GbV) for the appointed people and other persons responsible for the dispatch.

Seminar duration:
Seminar fee:   
1 Day
€ 250.00 p. p. excl. of VAT


In the seminar fees the seminar bases, break drinks and midday snack are included.